Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why I don't bake

This is why I don't bake. No matter what I do, however closely I follow a recipe, my deserts just don't turn out "right". I tried to surprise Bean with some peanut butter cookies for when he came home from work today and this is what he got. One large peanut patty.


The patty was a little crispy but when accompanied by a big glass of milk, entirely edible. At least I tried, right?


  1. The look great! My cookies turned out like that too from the cookie bake and they still tasted yummy. I'm sure Bean is enjoying them. :-)

  2. Hahahaa! I think the peanut patty looks delicious! Don't worry, Tim is always in charge of the chocolate chip cookies in our house because he says that I make (and I quote) "cow flop cookies." It's true. :-)