Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do you want to be my friend?

So my bookclub is reading this book that I'm totally in love with this month. It's called MWF Seeking BFF. When it was first suggested at our last meeting for the next book, I was totally skeptical. It is 100% true that I judge books on not only their covers, but their titles, and this one sounded totally cheesy. BUT, it's not. It's good. And something SO very relate able to me being a 30 year old living at least an hour (up to a 6 hour plane ride) away from some of my closest friends.

It's not easy finding new friends in this stage of life. I've complained to Bean on multiple occasions how I feel lonely sometimes and wish I had girl friends who lived close by who I could call to go grab coffee or go shopping or take a fun class with. It's not like college where my closest friends were across the hall (or on the bottom bunk), or like high school where we all had marching band practice multiple nights a week, and then competitions (complete with fun bus rides!) on the weekends. Now it takes me sometimes up to an hour and 45 minutes depending on who's hosting just to get to bookclub once a month. Oy.

It's not that I haven't tried to make new friends where we live now. I took Finley to a Barnes and Noble story hour a few months ago and began chatting with a fellow mom in the cafe, only to get awkward when she had to leave and not ask for her email or number even though I knew I should have. The ball was totally in my court. Three minutes later I was running out to the parking lot like a full on crazy person, Finley's arms flailing about, juggling a sippy cup, plastic rings and a latte trying to find her, but I was too late. She had already left. :( Friending fail.

Now I know my job doesn't make things the easiest when making new friends. I'm working long hours on weekends a lot which does not make me an ideal new friend. But I've decided that making some lasting friendships in the area must be a priority going forward, if for nothing other than my sanity. So I'm in the market. On the prowl. Looking for that special lady (or ladies) who I will eventually be calling for pedicures, signing up for zumba classes with or just meeting for drinks on a Thursday night.

Do you want to be my friend?