Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Glow

There is a certain kind of mom I fantasize about being. You know that mom who is all put together, wearing crazy things like jewelry, high heels and skinny jeans (having returned to their pre-baby weight 2 weeks after giving birth), all while pushing their equally put together baby in their designer stroller while shopping for wonderful home items like good smelling soap? That's who I want to be. It's this recurring fantasy that I think about every night before bed. (I used to have this fantasy that involved a desert island and a coconut bikini, but I'm a mom now and this is where I'm at). However, I fall quite short of my fantasy every single day. Yup. Every one. If I get a shower (even if I'm only washing my body, not my hair), I consider the day a full on success. That's how bad it is over here.

But then I came across this website that only helped to encourage my fantasy. It's called You must check it out. THESE are the women I want to be, right on my very computer screen. I no longer need to go out to the fancy soap shops to see them. I talked to my sister about it on the phone this morning and she said, "You know their kids were probably having full on meltdowns in between these photos and half their mess is stuffed in a closet somewhere". But I didn't like her dose of reality heaped upon my fantasy. No no. These women ARE amazing.

In case you are thinking to yourself, No Lit, you ARE one of those amazingly put together, cute moms who shops for soaps (which I know, is an easy mistake to make), I present you with the following for your viewing pleasure. First up, we have the mom on the front of website:

Screen Shot 2011-11-30 at 6.03.55 PM

A few things of note. First up - that is her house. For real. Second - look at her perfectly tousled hair and cute figure (after two kids to boot!). Third - there is no dust on her table to the left there. There is a good 2 weeks worth of dust, at least, on all my furniture at all times.

And now, here is me, right now:

Photo on 11-30-11 at 5.59 PM #3

There are no words, except, that yes, that is a bag of garbage behind me.

Sooo, maybe today isn't my day to make my fantasy a reality. But there's always tomorrow, right?


Who are Lit and Bean you ask? Well I'm Lit and my husband is Bean. At least that's what we call each other. I come from a long line of nickname givers, and lucky for me Bean has been very amenable to the whole process. We do have real names, which for the sake of this post I will mention are Lauri and Mike. But if someone who I know personally calls me Lauri to my face, I get that nervous, vomit-y feeling in my stomach like they're mad at me. So going forward, I am Lit.

We also have a one and a half year old baby, Finley. She goes by many nicknames too, but will henceforth be referred to as Fin. And of course, our crazy dog, Derby, or Derbs. That's us. We're fun. And I plan on blogging about it. Sound good?
Oh and here is a picture of us (minus Derby, but he will show up in future posts for sure):

0186 (ZF-4683-16261-1-001)
(photo courtesy: Maggie J Photography -