Monday, December 12, 2011

I need help!!

OK, so. It has just been revealed that Bean has gone over our limit for what we are allowed to spend on each other for Christmas by more than $100!! That is bad behavior (although easily forgiven because extra presents for me are the funnest and most readily approved of all bad behaviors). So now I need to get him something else and can't think of a thing!

I have gotten him a few gifts I think will be big winners this year, and I'm pretty excited about them. He has sworn not to read this post (on our marriage Bean! ON OUR MARRIAGE!!), so I feel that I can share that two of the big ticket gifts this year are this and these. I'm really excited about those two gifts in particular and if he doesn't like them I'll just be completely devastated. No biggie.

Anyway, I need help! If you know Bean you know he is creative and wacky and fun, but also very particular. Especially when it comes to things like the neck on shirts and in what forms he'll consume cheese. So if you have ANY ideas, pleeeeease, I'm begging you, HELP!!!

I leave you with this photo my friend Katie of Katie McMenamin Photography took of Fin this summer in the tub because it's the cutest. And every post needs a photo. No matter how unrelated. :)


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  1. Awww, she's so ridiculously cute!!! Bath babies are the best. :-)

    Well, I don't know about Bean, but he and Tim are both artsy, and all Tim ever wants are art books. And Blu-rays.